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    • circa 1947

    General view of Plexiglas plotting and status boards in use at an Air Force communications school located at Keesler Field in Biloxi, Mississippi. As visible in the photograph, personnel receive reports from radar…

    • Bulletin CS-632
    • circa 1963

    The brochure describes the operation, application, and specifications of a system designed to monitor oxygen partial pressure in pilots' masks and helmets and warn them when levels dip dangerously low.

    • Bulletin CS-631
    • circa 1963

    The brochure provides an overview of Beckman's divisions--Berkeley, Helipot, Offner, Scientific and Process Instruments, Special Projects, Spinco, and Systems--and highlights solutions provided to clients needing…

    • 1967

    This instrument may have been produced by Advanced Technology Operations, based upon the style of its label, though the Space Engineering Group did not appear to have any U.S. Air Force contracts in 1967.

    • circa 1968

    This oxygen partial pressure monitoring system was built in 1968 for the United States Air Force by Beckman Instruments' Advanced Technology Operations, for use in the MOL's life support system.

    • 1964

    This system was created in 1964 by Beckman Instruments' Space Engineering Group for the United States Air Force's School of Aerospace Medicine. This prototype photosynthetic gas exchanger could support two adult, human…

    • circa 1964

    The unidentified system in this photograph was part of a study made by Beckman Instruments' Space Engineering Group (SEG) for the United States Air Force in 1964, investigating the feasibility of remote detection of…

    • circa 1968

    This description of Beckman's past and current Air Force contracts served as a cover sheet for a reprint discussing the Polarographic Oxygen Sensor. The miniaturized system was designed to be operated by the pilot, with…