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    • 1946-Apr-26

    In this letter, Beckman requests that a former employee, Robert A. Crane, receive an early discharge from the Navy in light of his father's poor health. Beckman notes that he has an open position for Crane.

    • 1944-Dec-27

    The letter outlines the Navy's requirements for the Pauling oxygen meter. The spelling of the recipient's name is likely a mistake, as letters written by Wood himself spell his first name "Reuben."

    Developed from a…

    • 1967

    The Atmospheric Monitoring and Control System was developed for the Navy's first Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV). It measured oxygen and carbon dioxide in extreme environmental conditions.

    • 1965

    Beckman originally produced 27 Mark V Atmosphere Analyzers for use on nuclear ballistic missile submarines. The instrument measured oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, freon, and other atmospheric…

    • after 1958

    The photographs depict unidentified men with the Trieste and various pieces of equipment, including a Beckman Mark IV Atmosphere Analyzer.

    2012-002_2212 was photographed by Interstate Photographers; 2012-002_2213 and …

    • circa 1967

    This instrument was developed by Beckman Instruments' Advanced Technology Operations (ATO) in 1967 for the United States Navy. It was designed to detect chemical warfare agents aboard a ship via air samples introduced…

    • circa 1969

    Designed under a 1968 contract for the U.S. Navy's Clothing and Textile Research Unit, Beckman's battery-operated oxygen sensing/warning device monitored the oxygen pressure in suits worn for fire fighting and damage…