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    • The Great Art of Artillery
    • 1650

    Kazimierz Siemienowicz's treatise was used for over a century as a basic manual on artillery, rocketry, and pyrotechnics. It was originally published in Latin (1650) and was translated into French (1651), German (1676),…

    • 1650

    Fig. 11: Principles of balance and unbalance.
    Fig. 12: Beam of a balance scale.
    Fig. 13: Beam of a steelyard balance.
    Fig. 14: Matrass in which to prepare oil of sulfur.
    Fig. 15: Plan of a powder magazine.
    Fig. 16:…

    • 1650

    Fig. 8: Diagram of a bullet and its diameter.
    Fig. 9: Geometric method for finding the diameter of a 1-pound bullet from that of a bullet of several pounds.
    Fig. 10: Diagram to help determine the dimensions of…