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    • 1800s

    An alchemist takes the pulse of an elegant female patient, inside a cavernous chamber decorated with fine paintings and luxurious furnishings. Above the mantle hangs a painted hunting scene which resembles the work of…

    • 1800s

    A physician wearing the traditional physician's cap conducts a urinoscopy on the flask he holds. A woman is seated beside him, waiting for the results. In the foreground the alchemist's assistant is tending to a furnace…

    • 1800s

    A bearded alchemist wearing a fur-trimmed top coat and cap is carefully weighing ingredients with a balance. On top of his table is an exotic carpet covered with papers, a copper pitcher, and ceramic jar. Resting on a…

    • The completed Louvre and New Rue de Rivoli
    • circa 1826 – 1865

    "Le Louvre Achevé et la Nouvelle Rue de Rivoli," which translates to "The completed Louvre and New Rue de Rivoli," depicts an aerial view of Paris, seen from a hot air balloon. Philippe Benoist (French, Geneva 1813–ca.…

    • circa 1824 – 1904

    The identity of the scientist in this lithograph is not currently known. The print was created by Robert Jacob Hamerton, who was a cartoonist and illustrator from County Longford, Ireland. He later moved to London,…

    • 1800s

    This engraving shows Dutch mathematician and physicist Jean Henri van Swinden (1746–1823) demonstrating the generation of electricity to the Felix Meritis Society in Amsterdam. The Felix Meritis Society was founded in…

    • 1800s

    Originally published in Vanity Fair on January 8, 1887, this image depicts Louis Pasteur holding two white rabbits.

    • 1800s

    A bearded man reading a book is standing in a great vaulted interior. A large window illuminates the room with warm daylight, reflecting against the glassware sparsely placed on upper shelves. At right, a long-necked…

    • The Alchemist in Meditation
    • circa 1777 – 1864

    An alchemist in scholar's clothes sits in contemplation at his desk, bent over an open text with quill in hand. His workroom is cluttered with texts and earthenware vessels, a large globe, trunks and barrels. At right,…

    • after 1800 – before 1840

    This profile portrait claims to provide a likeness of Paracelsus, the famed Swiss-German physician, botanist, and alchemist. A champion of chemical medicines, Paracelsus criticized established medical institutions for…

    • The Dentist
    • 1830

    In this lively print after a painting by Gerrit Dou, we see a dentist in a fur cap, proudly displaying the tooth he has just pulled from his patient. The patient, a young boy, grimaces in pain, holding onto his…

    • 1800s

    Gold painted metal can and lid both with extensive dark blue lettering and decoration.The main label reads "LANGLEBERT'S PSYLLIUM SEEDS." The can is full of small brown psyllium seeds, a source of soluble dietary fiber.

    • At the Alchemist
    • circa 1820 – circa 1870

    In a small workshop a medical alchemist tends to the foot of a seated patient while the man's wife and child look on. At left, an assistant grinds a substance--likely a medicine or salve--in a small mortar and pestle.…

    • 1830

    A seated portrait of William Hyde Wollaston (1766–1828), English chemist and physicist. He is holding spectacles and a piece of paper.