Oral history interview with Audrey C. Rust

  • 2007-Jul-05

Audrey Rust begins her oral history with a discussion of her love of Nature and how she came to work for the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST). The vast majority of her interview is focused on her work with POST, even though she only planned to stay there long enough to get the organization going. Now, twenty years into her position there, she reflects fondly on the projects that helped the organization grow from a staff of three to almost thirty. Most importantly, Rust emphasizes the contribution of those individuals most connected to the land they were trying to preserve. She details the involvement of Gordon and Betty Moore in the initiatives of POST and the support of the Moore Foundation. Rust discusses how integral they were to the success of POST and their influence on the way that POST operates today. Rust sees a bold future ahead for POST and details an interesting method for preservation through personal relationships, creative funding, and an ambitious but detailed plan.

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