Oral history interview with Roger S. Borovoy

  • 2007-Aug-03

Roger S. Borovoy worked as counsel at both Fairchild Camera Instrument Corporation and Intel Corporation, placing him at the heart of the semiconductor revolution in America. He begins his oral history discussing his choice of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for his undergraduate degree, as well as his early interest in the law, especially patent law. Aftera short period of time at Chevron Research, Borovoy began to work as Patent Counsel at Fairchild Camera Instrument Corporation, meeting Gordon Moore; Borovoy quickly became entrenched in the burgeoning electronics industry and legal issues surrounding intellectual property and patents. After fighting legal battles with Motorola, and dealing with international licensing issues, he moved on to working for Intel in 1974. Throughout the remainder of the oral history, Borovoy reflects upon the AMD processor agreement, the Chip Protection Act, Gordon Moore and the culture of Intel, as well as his life after leaving Intel. He provides great insight into what life was like in technology development from the 1960s to the present, the way fortunes were won and lost, and how a select group of people changed the world.

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