Oral history interview with Sherry Bartolucci

  • 2005-Jan-05

Sherry Bartolucci begins the interview session with a description of her secondary school experience and her strong personal motivation to excel. She describes her early introduction to business management at AT&T and explains her decision to join the Peace Corps in Peru as part of a desire to participate globally and exercise leadership. Bartolucci then attended a graduate program in Psychology, afterwards beginning a management career leading to posts in the human resources departments at Crocker Bank and Bank of America. Following a merger of Bank of America with Nations Bank, Bartolucci managed SLB Farms in the foothills of Penn Valley, California before becoming Chief Administrative Officer at the Gordon E. and Betty I. Moore Foundation. As a member of the Management Committee, she helped design an "outcome-based" grantmaking strategy that retains the ideals of Gordon E. and Betty I. Moore while insisting on quantifiable progress from grantees. Bartolucci has helped unify the culture of the Moore Foundation, which sponsors a wide range of results-driven projects conducted by academic institutions and NGOs. Bartolucci concludes the interview with reflections on her professional and life experiences which have culminated in her current position in the Moore Foundation.

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