Oral history interview with Louis C. Rubens

Oral history interview with Louis C. Rubens

  • 1986-Aug-19

Louis Rubens begins the interview by discussing his family background and early education. Rubens grew up in Escanaba, Michigan, where his parents ran a tourist park. He attended parochial school, and he credits his teachers there for sparking his interest in mathematics and chemistry. After high school, Rubens followed in the footsteps of his older brother and attended Jordan College. There, he studied chemistry, and when the school closed in 1939 due to financial difficulties, Rubens received his Associate's degree. Though he tried to transfer to other colleges, he was not successful and soon decided to take a position at Dow. Rubens rose through the ranks of research, working on the stabilization and impact enhancement of polystyrene, the production of co-polymers, and the development of the composite foam system. Rubens concludes the interview with a discussion of the importance of management support for research, the influence of H.H. Dow's research philosophy, and the future of the foam industry.

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