An Oral history with Isabella and Jerome Karle

An Oral history with Isabella and Jerome Karle

  • 1987-Feb-26 (First session)
  • 1987-Jun-15 (Second session)
  • 1987-Sep-09 (Third session)

Isabella and Jerome Karle met while both were pursuing doctorates in physical chemistry under Professor Lawrence Brockway at the University of Michigan. After earning their degrees (and marrying), they worked on the Manhattan Project at the University of Chicago’s Metallurgical Laboratory. After a brief return to the University of Michigan, the Karle’s moved to the United States Naval Research Laboratory, where they focused on the development of X-ray crystallography. They worked together to develop a direct method for determining crystal structures, work for which Jerome Karle, with their colleague Herbert Hauptman, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1985. Over the course of three interview sessions, the Karles discuss their childhoods, early education, undergraduate and graduate work, careers and collaborations.

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Jerome Karle, interviewed by James J. Bohning in Naval Research Laboratory (U.S.) on September 9, 1987. Philadelphia: Science History Institute, n.d. Oral History Transcript 0066.

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