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The Society of Flavor Chemists Collection contains the Society's certificate of incorporation and 100 issues, ranging from 1973-2006, of two publications, the Society of Flavor Chemists Newsletter and Society News.

The Society of Flavor Chemists is an American non-profit professional organization for flavor chemists. The Society was founded in 1954 by a group of flavor chemists meeting informally at the Chemists' Club in New York City, who saw the need for an organization that would serve to advance their professional interests and improve their professional status.

Incorporated in the State of New York in 1959 and currently headquartered in Neptune Township, New Jersey, the Society of Flavor Chemists devotes itself to the purpose of advancing the field of flavor creation, flavor technology, and related sciences. It seeks to promote professional discourse and uphold professional standards within the flavorist community. To achieve these ends, the Society sponsors and conducts meetings, presents education programs, organizes symposia, and offers scholarships to students.