Oral history interview with Millard G. Gamble

Oral history interview with Millard G. Gamble

  • 2002-Jul-17

Millard G. Gamble capped his thirty-nine year career in sales and marketing of fibers at E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company as the vice president of the Textile Fibers Department. Gamble begins the interview by discussing his family life and education as an undergraduate at Wesleyan University. He talks about his post-graduation experiences working for the United States Department of Agriculture and as an officer with the United States Navy. Gamble reflects on joining Du Pont in 1945 and his sales experience in the Rayon [later named Textile Fibers] Department. Gamble was moved to various marketing and manufacturing jobs before becoming the director of the industrial marketing division and eventually the general director of marketing divisions. He elaborates on a number of contributions that the Textile Fibers Department made to the Du Pont Company and discusses the development of various fibers. He also talks about the influence of several leaders in the Textile Fibers Department. Gamble's final years at Du Pont were spent as the general manager for textile fibers, where he was responsible for developing worldwide apparel and home fabrics. He became the vice president of the Textile Fibers Department in 1983 and then retired in 1984.

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