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Oral history interview with Oliver M. Hayden

  • 1986-Feb-18

Oral history interview with Oliver M. Hayden

  • 1986-Feb-18

Hayden begins with his life in Windsor, Connecticut, his academic life at Clark College, and his first employment with insurance companies in Hartford. He served in clinical laboratories and other assignments in the U.S. Army Sanitation Corps during World War I. He joined the Fisk Rubber Company, where he gained experience in rubber compounding and quality control. Hayden then moved to the Organic Chemicals Department of Du Pont, where he worked in screening chemicals for use in the rubber industry, the development of neoprene, and became Manager of the Rubber Laboratory. He moved into Technical Sales management, Rubber Chemicals Division, and became Assistant Director of Sales in the Elastomer Chemicals Department. During the interview he talks about colleagues he knew and friends he made at Fisk, Du Pont and in the rubber industry.

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About the Interviewer

Raymond C. Ferguson obtained his degrees in chemistry from Iowa State University (BS, MS) and Harvard University (PhD). He worked in research divisions of the Organic Chemicals, Elastomer Chemicals, and Central Research Departments of DuPont, principally in molecular spectroscopy, organic structure analysis, and polymer characterization. Currently he is affiliated with CONDUX, Inc., a consulting association of former DuPont professionals.

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Interviewee biographical information

  • August 20, 1893
  • Windsor, Connecticut, United States
  • August 13, 1991


Year Institution Degree Discipline
1914 Clark College (Vancouver, Wash.) AB Chemistry

Professional Experience

Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company

  • 1915 Salesman

Hartford Accident and Indemnity Company

  • 1915 to 1917 Claims Adjuster

United States. Army

  • 1917 to 1919 Lieutenant, Sanitary Corps

Fisk Rubber Company

  • 1919 to 1926 Chemist

E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company

  • 1926 to 1927 Technologist
  • 1927 to 1940 Manager, Rubber Laboratory, Rubber Chemical Department
  • 1940 to 1948 Assistant Manager, Technical Sales
  • 1948 to 1954 Technical Sales Manager
  • 1954 to 1957 Assistant Director of Sales


Year(s) Award
1955 DSc, Clark University
1958 Honorary Member, Committee D-11, American Society for Testing and Materials
1979 50-year Member, American Chemical Society

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