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Vollenkommene Unterweisung, wie Raketen, Feuer- Wasser- Sturm-Kugeln, Granaten, Pech-Sturm-Kräntze, und allerhand Lust und Ernsthaffte Feuer-wercke zubereiten

  • Complete Instruction on the Making of Rockets, Fire-, Water- and Storm-Bullets, Grenades, Pitch- and Storm-Wreaths and Every Kind of Delightful and Serious Fireworks

  • Praxis Artolloriae Pyrotechnicae

  • 1660
Plate 1: Instrument to gauge explosive thrust
Plate 2: Metal pipkin with lid and rod for cooking explosives
Plate 3: Rocket mold
Plate 4: Instruments for rocket making
Plate 5: Instruments for rocket making
Plate 6: Instruments for rocket making and launching
Plate 7: Rockets
Plate 8: Rockets
Plate 9: Instruments for launching rockets
Plate 10: Three-stage rocket and parts
Plate 11: Rockets and firework mounts
Plate 12: Pyrotechnic staffs and wheels
Plate 13: Pyrotechnic wheels and parts; pyrotechnic weapons
Plate 14: Various pyrotechnics
Plate 15: Water pyrotechnics
Plate 16: Pyrotechnic waterball
Plate 17: Pyrotechnic waterball
Plate 18: Pyrotechnic waterball
Plate 19: Pyrotechnic waterball with fiery rain
Plate 20: Pyrotechnic cluster waterball
Plate 21: Pyrotechnic double waterball
Plate 22: Pyrotechnic waterball with wheel
Plate 23: Patterns for cutting fireball bags
Plate 24: Fireballs
Plate 25: Cluster fireball
Plate 26: Explosive ball
Plate 27: Stormball and its parts
Plate 28: Stormballs
Plate 29: Mortar-fired grenades; hand grenades
Plate 30: Grenades
Plate 31: Grenades
Plate 32: Grenade to be shot from a kartouwe
Plate 32: Grenade to be shot from a kartouwe
Plate 34: Projectile for breaking ramparts
Plate 35: Cartridge for pyrotechnic hail; storm wreath
Plate 36: Pyrotechnic wreath and ball
Plate 37: Pyrotechnic storm weapons
Plate 38: Mortar-fired triumph projectile
Plate 39: Petard
Plate 40: Petard and parts
Plate 41: Parts to assemble and mount a petard
Plate 51: Fully assembled petard with scale
Plate 42: Mortar and carriage
Plate 43: Tools and instruments used with mortars
Plate 44: Instrument to calculate mortar angle
Plate 45: Tools and instruments used with mortars
Plate 46: Finding the center of a mortar's mouth
Plate 47: Other artillery and parts
Plate 48: Tools used with heavy artillery
Plate 49: Tools to test the quality of heavy artillery
Plate 50: Inclinometer