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The Microscopy of Drinking Water

  • 1914
Plate A: Sediment (chiefly algae) from Cambridge Tap Water
Plate I: Diatomaceæ
Plate II: Diatomaceæ
Plate III: Diatomaceæ
Plate IV: Schizophyceæ
Plate V: Cyanophyceæ and Chlorophyceæ
Plate VI: Chlorophyceæ
Plate VII: Chlorophyceæ
Plate VIII: Chlorophyceæ
Plate IX: Chlorophyceæ
Plate X: Chlorophyceæ and Fungi
Plate XI: Fungi and Protozoa
Plate XII: Protozoa
Plate XIII: Protozoa
Plate XIV: Protozoa
Plate XV: Protozoa and Rotifera
Plate XVI: Rotifera
Plate XVII: Rotifera and Crustacea
Plate XVIII: Crustacea, Bryozoa, and Spongidæ
Plate XIX: Miscellaneous