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Oral history interview with Hugh D'Andrade

  • 1998-Nov-06

Hugh A. D’Andrade begins the interview with a brief discussion of his education and early career. D’Andrade began his career in corporate law as General Attorney for the Ciba-Geigy Corporation in 1968. By 1977, he had risen through the ranks to become Vice President of Administration and Counsel of the Pharmaceuticals Division. In 1981, he joined Schering-Plough Corporation as Senior Vice-President of Administration. During D’Andrade’s first years with Schering, the company worked with Cetus Corporation on antibiotic screening, and also worked with Biogen on interferon and erythropoietin. D’Andrade served as Schering’s representative on Biogen’s board for six years, where he worked closely with Charles Weissmann, Walter Gilbert, Bernard Mach, Philip Sharp, and Walter Fiers. D’Andrade worked on the development side of the interferon project and was instrumental in patent negotiations with Roche. D’Andrade discusses the presence of biotechnology in New Jersey and its relationship to other biotechnology organizations across the country. He concludes the interview with a discussion on the acquisition of DNAX, and his involvement with Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) and the Industrial Biotechnology Association (IBA).

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