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Spectrum analysis in its application to terrestrial substances, and the physical constitution of the heavenly bodies

  • 1872 (Published)
Table of Spectra
Viewing Objects through a Prism
Projection of the Spectrum of the Lime-Light.
The Compound Spectroscope.
The Changes in the Appearance of a Spot caused by the Rotation of the Sun.
Total Solar Eclipse Observed from India in 1868.
Total Solar Eclipse of 18th August, 1868, at Mantawaloc-Kekee.
Total Solar Eclipse (North America) 1869 August 7
Solar Spectra of Prominences, Corona, Aurora Borealis, and Chromosphere.
Corona photographed at Syracuse by Mr. Brothers, Dec 22nd, 1870
Lockyer's Telespectroscope.
Solar Prominence Observed by Zollner
Solar Prominence Observed by Young
Solar Prominence Observed by Respighi in 1870.