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Artis Magnae Artilleriae

  • The Great Art of Artillery

  • 1650
Engraved title page from Artis Magnae Artilleriae [The Great Art of Artillery]
Plate A: Diagrams and instruments to calculate the caliber of bullets and balls
Plate B: Diagrams to calculate the diameter of bullets; weight conversion chart
Plate C: Diagrams of weighing principles and instruments; vessel; powder magazines
Plate D: Powder magazine; powder instruments; rocket molds
Plate E: Rocket and cracker molds; instruments for charging rocket cases; tools and techniques for choking rocket cases
Plate F: Tools and techniques for choking and preparing rockets for their chargers
Plate G: Rockets mounted to sticks
Plate H: Rockets mounted without sticks; water rockets; rockets mounted to lines
Plate I: Devices to hang sky rockets; fireballs that float on water
Plate K: Fireballs that float on water; bounding fireballs; mortar-fired fireballs
Plate L: Fireballs shot from a mortar; crackers; military hand grenades; military mortar-fired grenades; military grenade parts and instruments
Plate M: Tools and techniques for firing military grenades; a military blind grenade; military cannon-fired grenades; military cannons; patterns for cutting military fireball bags
Plate N: Patterns for cutting military fireball bags; manners of sewing military fireball bags; military fireballs; tools for constructing fireballs
Plate O: Composite fireball weapons; specialty fireballs; case shot; trundle and chain shot; pyrotechnic shields; fire weapon
Plate P: Pyrotechnic shield; pyrotechnic hand weapons; fire wheels and their parts; pyrotechnic cases
Plate Q: Pyrotechnic set piece of a dragon
Plate R: Pyrotechnic set piece of Bacchus (interior)
Plate S: Pyrotechnic set piece of Bacchus (exterior)
Plate T: Pyrotechnic set piece of Fortuna (interior)
Plate V: Pyrotechnic set piece of Fortuna (exterior)
Plate W: Pyrotechnic set piece of a fortified castle; triumphal statue; military pyrotechnics
Plate X: Military pyrotechnics