Oral history interview with Eugene G. Rochow

Oral history interview with Eugene G. Rochow

  • 1995-Jan-24

Eugene G. Rochow discusses his family background in Germany, his upbringing in New Jersey, and his early interests in electricity and silicon which led him to pursue degrees in chemistry at Cornell University where he worked as an assistant for Louis M. Dennis and Alfred Stock. Rochow has an extensive career in silicone production, including ethyl phenyl silicone and methyl silicone, and research on nuclear fission as a source of domestic energy but later resigned from this work because of his Quaker beliefs. Rochow also comments on his teaching at Harvard University and his Perkin Medal.

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Eugene George Rochow, interviewed by James J. Bohning in Fort Myers, Florida on January 24, 1995. Philadelphia: Science History Institute, n.d. Oral History Transcript 0129. https://digital.sciencehistory.org/works/z316q265z.

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