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    • 1957-09-20

    Architect William Pereira writes to invite Arnold O. Beckman to a dinner in celebration of an award for the Helipot building in Newport Beach, California. The Pereira & Luckman-designed building was to be honored as one…

    • 1947-08-15

    This letter includes a report on existing Beckman trademarks as of 1947, including information on the "acidimeter" and the point at which that instrument became known as the pH meter (1935).

    • 1956-12-03

    The memorandum documents complaints about the architecture firm Pereira & Luckman. Duncan states that "we have been anywhere from moderately displeased to completely upset with P & L."

    • What is new about L & N electrodes
    • 1955-08-15

    The report concerns the business of electrodes, including legally challenging questions about possible patent infringement.

    • 1955-08-05

    Mass spectrometers measure the mass of sample components after ionization.

    Walter Donner's work with Beckman Instruments including oversight of the development of medical monitoring equipment for the Apollo, Mercury,…

    • 1858

    Early examples of paper chromatography from German chemist Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, who is considered to be the originator of the analytic technique. Runge investigated the color reactions of various chemical…

    • 1954-01-10

    Beckman Instruments' analog computers were being produced by their Berkeley Division as early as 1953. The company produced analog computers -- also called automation, data reduction, or data handling systems -- for the…

    • 1945-06-08

    In this letter Pauling reiterates requests for permission to discuss and publish on the oxygen meter, and argues for loosening security classification. He cites Arnold O. Beckman's permission to discuss the project…

    • 1945-05-24

    In this letter, Churchill confirms that the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) has granted Beckman permission to discuss the Pauling Oxygen Meter at an American Chemical Society meeting.

    • 1946-04-26

    In this letter, Beckman requests that a former employee, Robert A. Crane, receive an early discharge from the Navy in light of his father's poor health. Beckman notes that he has an open position for Crane.

    • 1945-05-10

    In this letter, Beckman requested permission to discuss the Pauling Oxygen Meter and made the case that the National Defense Research Committee (NDRC) should lift the "Restricted" classification.

    • Bulletin 423-A
    • 1956-09

    The binder includes several proforma invoices, photographs, and Bulletin 423-A: Operating and Maintenance Instructions, IR4 Infrared Spectrophotometer.

    The Beckman Instruments IR spectrophotometers began as a request…

    • circa 1943

    The oxygen recorder described was intended for analyzing flue gases produced from burning oil or coal.

    • 1944

    The letter expresses Bush's "personal and official appreciation and commendation" for contracted work performed in furtherance of the war effort.

    • 1950s (decade)

    This draft document includes extensive annotations; the stylistic and technical changes are reflected in a later version.

    Developed from a Linus Pauling design during WWII, the technology behind Beckman Instruments’…

    • 1917

    A large, tapered, oval-shaped, clear glass bulb with a point on the top; has a brass bottom with threads on the end; attached to the inside of the bottom is a long glass tube with two terminals on either side and a long…

  1. This collection was built by Walter J. Hamer, an electrochemist known for his contributions to the science of batteries, during his tenure as Chief of Electrochemistry at the National Bureau of Standards (now known as…

    • 1930 - 1940

    This two-color poster advertises a performance of magic tricks, as part of the Mysto Magic Show Set, manufactured by the A. C. Gilbert Company around 1940. The kit included theatrical makeup, props, and an instruction…

    • 1809

    This hand-colored etching by Thomas Rowlandson was produced based on a drawing by G. M. Woodward. It portrays a London street scene of citizens commenting on, and in some instances complaining about, the wonders of new…

    • 1870 - 1890

    This print reproduces a painting exhibited by A. H. Tourrier at the Royal Academy in London in 1871. The scene shows a trio of nobles standing awed before an alchemist holding out a broken crucible in his right…

    • 1950s (decade)

    Portrait of Percy Lavon Julian (1899-1975), African American research chemist and pioneer in the chemical synthesis of medicinal drugs from plants.

    Percy Lavon Julian was born in Montgomery, Alabama on April 11, 1899…

    • 503-C
    • 1958

    The Operating and Maintenance Instructions, 503-C, make up the bulk of the volume and are dated May 1958. Beckman Instructions 535-A, 17329 Gas-Liquid Partition Chromatography Column (Di-N-Butyl Maleate), dated June…

    • 1975

    The advertisement was created for publication in Service Station Management and Motor Age. It emphasizes the reliability of the Model 590 infrared exhaust analyzer, an instrument designed to detect pollutants in the…

    • 1964-01 - 1964-12

    "The Hercules Mixer" was Hercules' in-house publication that provided both historical and technical information and also offered a glimpse of employees' day-to-day lives at the company. A portion of the May 1964 section…