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Papers of Spofford Grady English

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Spofford G. English (1916-1981). In 1942 he became involved in the Manhattan Project as a member of Glenn T. Seaborg's group at the University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory. In 1947 he went to work for the Atomic Energy Commission and became Chief of the Chemistry Branch, Research Division until 1960. He retired from the A.E.C. in 1976 as Assistant General Manager, Research & Development. He served as a United States delegate to the United Nations Nuclear Disarmament Conference held in London in 1955 and the Conference for the Cessation of Nuclear Weapons held in Geneva in 1959.

This is a small collection of material dealing with concerns over the atomic bomb and the need for nuclear disarmament on one hand, and the promise held forth by the peaceful use of atomic energy on the other. A small selection of these works have been digitized here.