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Drugs and medicines of North America

  • A quarterly devoted to the historical and scientific discussion of the botany, pharmacy, chemistry and the therapeutics of the medicinal plants of North America, their constituents, products and sophistications

  • 1884-Apr – 1887-Jun
Plate XXVI: Liriodenron Tulipifera
Plate XXVII: Map showing the distribution of Liriodendron Tulipifera
Plate XXVIII: Magnolia Glauca
Plate XXIX: Magnolia Acuminata
Plate XXX: Magnolia Macrophylla
Plate XXXI: Map showing the distribution of the genus Magnolia in the United States
Plate XXXII: Transverse section of the bark of magnolia glauca
Plate XXXIII: Asimina Triloba
Plate XXXIV: Lobelia Inflata
Plate XXXV: Microscopic drawing of Lobelia
Plate XXXVI: Lobelia Syphilitica
Plate XXXVII: Scrophularia Nodosa
Plate XXXVIII. Illustration of Erecthites Hieracifolia.
Plate XL: Map showing the geographical distribution of caulopyyllum thalictroides