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Fairy Land of Chemistry: Explorations in the World of Atoms

  • Real Fairy Folks

  • 1887
Frontispiece: Some of the Real Fairy Folks
Chemist's Flask
Molecule of Chlorine
Salt Fairies
Combustion-"Spoon" and Lamp
Hydrogen Fairies
Hydro-Chloric Acid Partnership
Taper in Jar
Pneumatic Cistern
Wire Stand and Saucer
The Test-Tube
Telling the Whole Story
Fairies of the Air
Fairies, Oxygen and Carbon
Pouring CO2
Candle Drowning Itself
The Professor's Sketch
Card of Invitation
For an Exclamation Point
Blowing the Candle In
"Young Men with Note-Books and Moustaches [Mustaches]"
That Ostrich
Fairy Picture of Water
The Professor's Illustration
Layer of Air on a Section of the Earth
Running to Borrow Fire
Hydrogen and Sulphur [Sulfur] Partnership