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Triumphs & Wonders of Modern Chemistry

  • A Popular Treatise on Modern Chemistry and its Marvels, written in Non-Technical Language for General Readers and Students

  • 1913
Fig. 59 (Frontispiece): Silica Terraces at Rotomahana
Fig. 20: Explosion of a Flask filled with a mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen Gases
Fig. 21: Imaginary Representation of the Structure of Hydrogen Gas
Fig. 22: Structure of the Hydrogen Atom according to the Modern Electronic Theory
Fig. 24: Tripler's Apparatus for Experimenting with Liquid Air
Fig. 27: Pouring Liquid Air; Fig. 28: Kettle of Liquid Air on a Cake of Ice
Fig. 30: How the Severn Tunnel was Saved from Flooding in 1880
Fig. 31: The Oxygen-Breathing Apparatus (Fleuss-Davis patent)
FIg. 32: Dr. Leonard Hill administering Oxygen
Fig. 38: Nitrate Works at Notodden; Fig. 39: Lightning
Fig. 45: An Ancient Coal (Carboniferous) Forest
Fig. 53: Exploration of Maelstrom in Mammoth Cave
Fig. 54: Stalactite Columns
Fig. 65: Lunar Landscape
Fig. 65: Vesuvius
Fig. 67: Gannets' Breeding-ground on a Guano Island
Fig. 68: In the Days of the Sea Monsters (Plesiosaurus and Ichthyosaurus)
Fig. 75: The Nebula in Andromeda; Fig. 76: Spectra of Sun and some heated Metals