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1944 Hercules Advertisements

  • 1944
Creative Chemistry at its Best...What Hercules has Achieved
...A Brilliant Record in the Field of Research
"...It Took CHEMISTRY to Realize the Nation's Wealth"
Hidden Assets for a Thousand Products
With and Without...Air-Entraining Cement Made With Vinsol Resists Scaling
With and Without...Yes! Air-Entraining Cement Made With Vinsol Resists Scaling
Advertisement for Hercules Vinsol Resin
Thoroughbred: His Father Used Brisgo...He Will, Too
This Little Pig Goes to Market!
What a Chance for Brisgo!
Dehairing with Brisgo Saves Time--Saves Money
Thanite for Household Sprays: Improves Quality...Cuts Costs
Higher Power...Lower Cost for Your Livestock Sprays
Quick and Lasting Knockdown...with Low-Cost Thanite
Advertisement for Hercules Thanite Insecticide
Planning Sprays for '45? Include Thanite in Your Testing Program
Testing? Remember Thanite Offers FIVE Big Advantages
Increased Capacity with the New and Larger Thanite Plant
Increased Production of Thanite to Meet Present-Day Demands!
Truline Binder: Save Casting Time up to 50%
Truline Binders: Get More Good Castings
Truline Binder: Faster-Start to Finish
Advertisement for Hercules Truline Binder
Truline Binder: Complicated Castings...Clean as a Whistle