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Hand book of pharmacy and therapeutics

  • circa 1919
Sculpture of Aesculapius
Principal Office and Laboratories, Indianapolis, U.S.A.
At the Lilly Experimental Farm
Belladonna Culture - Biological Farm
Research and testing departments - science building
Views in Effervescent Salts Department
Views in Elastic Filled Capsule Department
Views in the Lilly Still Room
Display samples only, Lilly Pills, showing representative shapes, sizes and coatings
Display samples only, Lilly Pulvules, showing representative sizes and colors
Display samples only, Lilly solvets for solutions
Display samples only, Lilly Tablets, showing representative shapes and sizes
Views in the Pill Department
Views in Analytical Department
Views in Compressed Tablet Department
Empty Gelatin Capsule Building
Lilly Empty Capsules
Lilly's Liquid Blaud
Toiletry items made by Eli Lilly & Company
Views in the Bottling Room
Bottles of chocolate-flavored medicines
Lilly Dental Preparations
Lilly Dental Preparations
Pulvules, Lilly
Views in the Hypodermatic Tablet Department
Assortments of Buckley line of dental preparations
Lilly Aseptic Metal Pocket Cases for Physicians
Biological Laboratories
Biological Laboratories
Tubercle Bacillus, the bacteria that causes the tuberculosis disease.
The bacteria Clostridium tetani, which causes tetanus disease.
Pneumococci, gonococci, catarrhalis, and meningococci.
Typhosus and e. coli.
Streptococci, pertussis, Pfeiffer's Bacillus, and pneumobacilli
Bacillus diphtheriae
Cells from the brain of rabid dog showing Negri bodies
Stables at the Biological Plant