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1940 Hercules Advertisements

  • 1940
Tunneling is a Hercules Job
For Chemical Progress
Chemurgic Hercules
Brisgo: The Keynote Speech
It's a Stampede to Brisgo
Brisgo: The Notification!
Brisgo: The Hair-Raising Campaign
Brisgo: Victory Parade
Get that Extra Kick for 1940
Balancing Costs Against Kill
Higher Kill - Lower Cost in Fly Sprays
You Lose on Every Gallon...
To Sell More Cattle Spray - Sell These Four Farmers
Your 1941 Raw Materials: What To Do About Them
New Paint Ingredient solves difficult problem for World of Tomorrow
Meet the Most Versatile Member of the Cellulose Family
Hercules Cellulose Acetate: It's 8 a.m. tomorrow in plastics
Cellulose is Born tough...and that fact means money to you
Parlon: New Paint Ingredient...Improves Many Finishes a molecule!
Visibility Skyrockets Sales
Beautiful...and Tough
The Public Voted In This Beauty Contest
What's Your Mileage on a Gallon of Paint?