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1947 Hercules Advertisements

  • 1947
If You Use Mechanical Depilation You Need Brisgo
Then, Defense Against the Sea...Now, Defense Against Disease
Then, a Dose for Dobbin...Now, Hair Removal for Hams
Then, Suds for Slipper Bathers...Now, Toughener for Rubber
Then, Bitter Brew...Now, Cleaner Castings
Then, Brighter Teeth...Now, Better Highways
Then, Candles for Colonials...Now, Backbone for Paper
He Wants a Fly Spray that Stays Effective...Here's Your Answer
Your Customers' Customers Prefer Results Right Away!
Thanite Insecticide Sprays Stop Moths Where They Start!
Hercules Toxicants for Sprays and Powders
Thanite-Base Cattle Sprays Repel Flies
Distribution Policy for Hercules Toxaphene
These People Like Thanite...You'll Like Thanite Too!
Symbol of High Quality Chemicals for Modern Insecticides and Disinfectants
For '48 It's Toxaphene [Hercules Chlorinated Camphene]