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1949 Hercules Advertisements

  • 1949
A new, low-cost way to cut both corrosion and bacteria...Hercules "RADA"
Reduce laundering costs with Daintex
Hercules Pine Oils improve many products and processes
"Yarmor" F Pine Oil, still the ideal flotation frother for sulphide and non-sulphide minerals
One quality... the highest, Hercules Pine Oils, time-tested reagents for wet processing
Hercules Truline Binder Cuts Core Room Losses
Toxaphene for Agricultural Insecticides
A Statement on the Supply and Price of Toxaphene for 1949
An Announcement Concerning the Name Toxaphene
More Yield This Year! Use the proved cotton poison - Toxaphene
Texas Cotton Growers...For Early Dusting...Use State-Recommended Toxaphene
Wipe out all these insects with Toxaphene
'Hoppers may strike here...Kill 'em with USDA-Recommended Toxaphene
Save your Crops! Toxaphene kills grasshoppers
Kill cotton insects with Toxaphene
Stop Thief! Use the Proved Cotton Poison Toxaphene
Bigger crops, bigger profits with toxaphene agricultural insecticides