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1950 Hercules Advertisements

  • 1950
CMC in Synthetic Detergents cuts cost—improves wash
Pine Oil Smells Clean...Cleans Clean
Smaller Field? Higher Yield!
Why lose on cotton acreage cuts?
Are insects eating into farm income?
Don't wait for Weevils buy Toxaphene now!
Toxaphene kills weevils and other cotton pests
Toxaphene kills 'hoppers
Toxaphene kills 'hoppers
Do you have enough toxaphene?
Plant Cotton Early Dust with Toxaphene
More cotton farmers used toxaphene this year than ever before...
Now available for world crops 'Toxaphene' agricultural insecticide base
Toxaphene helps turpentine
Toxaphene for Control of Cotton Insects
New Crop of Weevils Emerging! Use Poison Wisely; Dust When Infestation is on the Upswing
World-Wide Cotton Insect Control with Toxaphene Insecticides
Don't Waste Poison on a FEW Weevils!
Aerial Operators Prefer Toxaphene Dusts Sprays